LORD JESUS GOSPEL MINISTRIES:The lord Jesusgospel ministries is a church planting and gospel to every creature ministrycommitted to serve the lord Jesus Christ needy, neglected groups and unsavedones in india.our purpose is to bring the lost to Jesus and to build up andencourage those who already believe.

                                 Lord Jesusgospel ministry is started by J.V.J.Mukerji he was born in 19th Aug1964 in catholic family. His parents were staunch believers in catholicMission. He studied BSC, B.ED in 1989 and he also finished PGDCA. He was bornagain in 1996 and worked in Life Insurance Corporation of India as Higher Gradeexecutive. He married Madavi Latha in 1996 god blessed him with two sons Akashand Ashish.God called him for the full time ministry in 1999 by his word  from the book of john 14:6”I am the way, the life,and the truth”. He ordained for the Gods work in 2000. He has church ministryamong tribal places at Bojjukuppa, Narayanaraopeta, Bandirevu andLakshimipuram. He has burden heart for the perishing souls where the unreachedand unsaved souls in India. He travelled in India to preach the word of god andparticipated many seminars and conferences. God used him mightily in hisglorious work

He is doing someministry activities by the help of freewill offerings and donations. He has 20co-workers and some churches in Agency area. He has real desire to encourage churches(and pastors) in their own mission efforts and to develop the missions,Motivated Congregations. He has ministry of helping local churches.


To establish the kingdom of god by transforming communitiesthrough Redemptive love of Christ .  The lord Jesus gospel ministries existsto do the church planting ministry and among the needy, neglected  and unreached peoples groups with followingprogrammes are toward reaching these goals.


1. EVANGELISM IN NEEDY PEOPLE GROUPS (ROM 15:20):In India, Andhra  Pradesh  has 18,000  villages  do  not heard Jesus at all.Chenchu,Koya, Gondi, Soura, Valmiki, Kodu, Sugali , Yerukula ,Yanadipeople groups are not exposed to the Gospel in A.P, India. LORD GOSPELMINISTRIES is committed  to taking theGospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the needy and neglected people groups instrategic places.we concentrate on areas where no Mission is establishedyet(Rom. 15:20).


LORD GOSPEL MINISTRIES establish the local Church with  native workers by teaching theteachings(Didhache & Karygma) of the Lord in the way of Christ &Aposteles.We motivate every believer to bare witness & develop the abilityto preach the gospel.We strengthen the churches with Church based theologicaleducation for church to function for its purpose (Matt.28:19).

3.ENTRUST TO FAITHFUL MEN(2TIM.2:2):LORD JESUS MINISTRIESplant the churches,and prepare faithful people from thelocal church to carryout the responsibilities of education & Evangelism.LORD JESUS MINISTRIESmake Local church as local resourceto meet the need of the people group aswitness.

4.COMMUNITYDEVELOPMENT THROUGH LOCAL CHURCH:LORD JESUSMINISTRIES is committed to serve the poor and needy,the economicallydeprived,and the socially downtrodden,irrespective of their religion orcaste,by advancing and promoting the eduacational,social,economical and generalwelfare by available to them  food,medicines and facilities of relief and rehacilitation as may be possible.

                                                                                                                                                     THE MINISTRIES

1. CHURCH MEETINGS AND RETREATS: We conducted Revival meetings,retreats and prayer meetings in the local churches to strengthen believers inhis word. We also conduct the conventions and seminars for the selected peoplegroups with cooperation of the local churches.

2. GOSPEL PROGRAMMES: Motivate the local churches to sendtheir teams to needy areas and places where there is no local church. We alsoorganize personal evangelism, Mass evangelism, door to door evangelism, street meetingsand literature distribution.

4. TRAINING: We train the native workers with thetheological trainings in church situation, Christian leadership trainings andequipping them for an effective and spirit filled ministry.

5. PUBLISHING: Printing tracts, booklets and books forvarious target groups. Making Bibles and other selected writings available toas wide an audience as possible. Providing Bible study material to full-timemissionaries and gospel tracts for free distribution.

6. MEDIA: providing gospel portions, Salvation messages andspiritual songs on CD/VCDs. Taking the gospel to the remotest of areas throughfilms and other multimedia tools.



Water has always been a huge problem in villages and thesuburbs. Women sometimes walk for over five kilometers to get a can of drinkingwater for their families. THE LORD JESUSGOSPEL MINISTRIES goes into such villages and helps them by drilling a wellthat would be common and serve the entire village. So far we have been able todrill over 5 wells in the different needy areas and villages.


 Conducting FreeMedical Camps in areas where medical facilities are not available. Providingeducational institutes to children where there is need, helping orphan children& facilitating pioneer missionaries. We also do help in relief andrehabilitation in times of natural calamities. 


where there is no vision people perish prov 29:18

LORD JESUS GOSPEL MINISTRIES is dependent on the regular andsacrificial giving of god’s people. He follows the faith policy of ‘trustinggod and informing his church’. You are also welcome to participate in thisneedy ministry in a simple & humble way.

1. You can PRAY for this ministry every day in your familyprayers. Every day is battle field for us in preaching the good news to theneedy. A great spiritual battle is being fought by the native missionaries whoare laboring to take the neglected people groups. If you pray for this ministryon regular basis, you are most precious in His sight. Such kind of you is the Prayer partner with us. This is where your prayers and involvement can make thedifference. Your small prayer makes big difference in the lives of needypeople.

2. You can also help yourfinancial support for this ministry in a very simple way on regular basis; wewelcome such kind of person as a Blessing partner. Every single rupee or dollaryou invest in LORD JESUS MINISTRIES will reap manifold blessings as theministry is multiplied in the lives of men and women, transformed by the Wordand anointed by the spirit. Your heartful giving’s turns their sorrows in tojoy.

   Let’s together reapthis harvest of soul’s everyday in India.

                    And he who wins soul iswise. Pro.11:30

Praying forIndia is praying for one sixth of the world’s population; supporting themission work in India is sharing God’s love with a billion souls. We heartilywelcome you to join us in this wonderful movement of bringing people in thedarkness out into His marvelous light.

                                         PASTOR J.V.J.MUKHERJI

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